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Recommended Walk

Time to complete - 2.5 hours
Dog Friendly Walk
Park at Botolphs Bridge Inn
Difficulty - Medium (This walk is not for anyone who has difficulty in climbing steep hills or are not at a reasonable state of fitness)


1) Having left the Botolph’s Bridge Inn cross the bridge and follow the West Hythe Road to the Royal Military Canal. Cross the bridge and take footpath on the left.

2) Continue along footpath for about 20 minutes passing West Hythe Dam on your left. Look for path on your right. Turn right and cross wooden bridge.

3) Follow footpath as it climbs steadily upwards. Look out for wild animals in the enclosures to your left. To your right you will see some old Roman ruins. Take time to enjoy the view of the marshes and the castle at the top of the hill.

4) At the end of the path turn left and continue ahead crossing two roads

5) At the end of the path turn left down the bridleway. Look out for the wild animals in their enclosures. This section of the path is down hill and very steep. At the bottom cross the bridge and turn left to follow the Royal military canal.
6) Continue along the path bearing left at the pill box. Turn right at the West Hythe Dam. Turn left and follow the path to West Hythe Road. Turn right and continue back to Botolph's Bridge Inn 
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